2017 Panel Guidelines

1.  Form Panel Teams

Deadline: April, 28th.
If you are interested in helping to organize a panel team and you haven’t volunteered or been notified yet, signup here –

2.  Organize First Call

Deadline: Call to be completed by May 8.
During the call, the panel team will:

  1. Develop and describe a concrete subject for the panel based upon discussion and rough consensus. The subject and process must take into account the IGF-USA Code of Conduct and Principles, and the survey response topics that the subject is based upon
  2. Assign a team leader and a representative to interface with the steering committee and provide ongoing up to date information. The team leader and representatives can be the same person.

3.  Create Panel Description

Deadline: Panel description to be delivered by May 19th.
Each panel team will produce and deliver a detailed (2-5 paragraph) description of the panel including descriptions of potential panelists. Teams may also wish to explore alternative formats, for example roundtable discussions.

4.  Form Panels

Deadline: Panelists invitations to go out by May 29th.
Deadline: Panels to be finalized by May 29th.

  1. Volunteers send suggestions for speakers to the panel team leader.
  2. The panel should, to the greatest extent possible:
    1. Include one stakeholder from the private sector, civil society, the technical community, the academic community, and the government.
    2. Reflect gender balance.
    3. Reflect diversity.
    4. Include differing perspectives.
  3. The panel team leader will present the proposed panel to the panel team during a second call, for discussion. Suggestions for change must be acknowledged and debated. The panel composition will move forward based upon rough consensus.

5. Finalized Panel Description

Deadline: Panel descriptions to be submitted by June 9th.
Each Panel teams representative will be responsible for providing the Steering Committee with up-to-date information on the panel, including:

  1.   Panel descriptions
  2.   panelists bios and social media links (Twitter handles and LinkedIn profiles)

6. Panel Reports Due

Deadline: Panel reports to be submitted by July 28th.
Panel team leaders must submit a panel report by July 28th summarizing the panel and including key take-aways.

Important Deadlines

  • April 28: Sign up for Panels
  • May 8: Organize First Call
  • May 19: Initial Panel Description
  • May 29: Panelist Invites Sent Out
  • May 29: Panel and Panelists Finalized
  • June 9: Final Panel Descriptions Submitted
  • July 28: Panel Reports Submitted

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