The spread of the Internet and the mobile phone has gone faster and further than the development of any communications technology in history. The benefits of increased access at higher speeds are key drivers of global economic growth as well as of freedom and social progress.

Advances in mobile and broadband access can create “virtuous cycles” of competition which excerpt market pressures towards greater access at greater speeds at lower prices, however, the roads to such virtuous cycles are fraught with challenges both at home and abroad.

Competition overseas has bigger impact on US consumers then most realize. More competition and investment in foreign countries can enable a “global upgrade” to IPv6, DNSSEC, better authentication, strong encryption, and better security–which will result in less spam, less phishing, and few cyberattacks in the US and globally.

Join us at the 2016 IGF-USA for a robust discussion about technology, competition, access, and progress. Our panelists will examine how countries who encourage competition and innovation are reaping the rewards and describe lessons learned on how to achieve competition in other countries that have more protectionist policies. In addition, they will discuss specific policies that  governments have adopted policies to encourage innovation and how mobile broadband can provide cheaper access to the Internet.


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