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Each year the IGF-USA community selects 8 sessions on the most pressing issues facing the Internet, nationally and globally.  Based on the results of the 2019 survey and discussion of the IGF-USA Steering Committee, the following sessions have been selected for the IGF-USA 2019:

  • Data Governance and Accountability
  • Cybersecurity and safety
  • Techlash in 2019
  • Platform Liability for user content and commerce
  • Antitrust vs Big Tech
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Inclusion
  • 5G enabling tech innovation

With these selections, the IGF-USA Steering Committee (SC) has kicked off the panel organizing process, which is open to anyone that wants to participate.

If you sign-up to participate, please familiarize yourself with the IGF-USA Principles. This list provides an overview of what volunteers can expect: 

  • Time commitment:
    • Panel Leads: 2 hours/week on average (higher workload during first few weeks and leading up to the conference)
    • Team members: 2 hours/week on average (higher workload during first few weeks and leading up to the conference)
  • Tasks
    • Joining Team Calls: Approximately one call every 2-3 weeks (Actual frequency is determined by the team)
    • Contribute to the drafting of Title, Description, and supporting materials (if necessary)
    • Suggesting and recruiting panelists
    • Develop the session report for the IGF-USA 2019 report
    • Suggesting panelists, question formation, building the narrative for the session, reporting, outreach
  • Scope: The topics of the session should be addressed from a perspective that takes into account Internet governance and policy. 

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