IGF-USA 2019 Call for Topics

The Internet Governance Forum USA (IGF-USA) is pleased to announce the open Call for Topics for its 2019 program. The call will remain open from January 8 through February 11

The IGF-USA 2019 will be held on July 25, 2019 in Washington, DC. It will address some of the most pressing issues facing the Internet through multistakeholder and interdisciplinary dialogue.

The IGF-USA develops its program through a bottom-up process and this Call for Topics is an important first step in this process. The responses from this Call for Topics will feed into a survey that identifies what issues the IGF-USA community places finds pressing and important. The results of the survey will be used as a guide to inform the development of IGF-USA 2019 sessions.

For more information the process through which the IGF-USA sessions will be determined, see the “Topic Selection Process” below. 

All submissions to this Call for Topics will be recorded and made publicly available on the IGF-USA Wiki. However, the names and email addresses associated with each submission will remain private.

Topic Selection Process

Phase 1: Call for Topics

The Call for Topics is the initial exploratory phase in deciding what will be covered in the IGF-USA 2019 program and is open to everyone interested in the topic of Internet governance. During this phase, respondents each submit a topic that they view as important  for the IGF-USA 2019 to discuss. The submissions received during this phase are used to create a survey for identifying which issues are the highest priority for the Internet community in the US. 

The submissions from the Call for Topics are grouped into subjects. In this process, submissions may be merged with each other, in order to provide a manageable survey for respondents. 

Phase 2: Survey

The survey is built by organizing the submissions from the Call for Topics into a number of subjects.  Respondents are asked to answer a question about how important they believe each issue is to the IGF-USA 2019. In addition to answering questions about each topic, respondents are given an opportunity to provide comments on each subject area. 

Each topic is given a score from 1-3, based on the responses. 

Phase 3: Session Formation

The Steering Committee, which is open to all, uses the survey results as a guide to deciding which topics will be given sessions at the IGF-USA 2019. Based on the decisions of the committee, 8 teams will form around different topics and begin planning each respective session.