Join us for the 2019 IGF-USA, featuring panels on the privacy strategy, big tech, cyber safety, digital inclusion, 5G, artificial intelligence, Techlash and platform liability.


Which national privacy strategy should the US adopt?

Join us to discuss various approaches to privacy frameworks and their potential impacts on on business, tech and Internet governance.

Is the Techlash Justified? 

Let’s talk about Techlash. The Internet and new technologies improve our communication, collaboration, and commerce, but it can also exacerbate the worst aspects of human behavior.


Antitrust: Does it work for tech? 

This panel discusses the costs and benefits of regulation as policy makers and key federal agencies examine whether there is a need for an antitrust intervention.

Cyber safety and resiliency at the internet infrastructure layer

US internet infrastructure assets are high-value targets for cyber attacks. This panel explores the current threat environment and defines the efforts to harden and smarten this infrastructure.

Diverging paths for platform liability – the impact of Section 230 and the choice for America’s digital future.

Section 230 created net 2.0 but some in DC are considering taking it away. What’s been the impact of Section 230, and what should be the path forward for the U.S.?

Innovative Solutions for Digital Inclusion

This panel will explore creative and effective solutions for broadband access and digital literacy, and will offer suggestions and next steps for those looking to implement their own digital inclusion efforts.

5G Enabling Tech Innovation

5G will have the capability to upgrade current bandwidth constraints using a combination of wireless and wireline connections that will allow more devices to be connected using faster data downloads and upload speeds, wider coverage, more stable connections, and less latency over shorter physical distances.

Balancing the Governance of AI: the benefits and challenges of current and future applications

This panel would bring together policy makers, industry and civil society experts to discuss how maximizing the benefits of AI, while addressing its limitations, risks and harms.

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