IGF-USA 2021 Session

IGF-USA 2021 Welcome Session

Wednesday, July 14

11:00 – 11:15 AM EDT

This session will examine the political¬†forces and drivers that could cause fragmentation of the Web and the Cloud–both within the United States and worldwide. Speakers will share examples of how such fragmentation could be enforced (through¬†firewalls, filters, real-name ID requirements, new laws for platforms, data localization requirements, and criminalization of certain technologies or business practices). To illustrate how this could happen, a series of scenarios have been developed that reflect how governments might respond to: (1) cyber attacks, (2) growing concerns about online privacy and surveillance, (3) worries about “foreign” content and apps, and (4) abuse of the Internet for criminal activities and terrorism. Panelists will also describe ways to address these concerns without partitioning the Internet or imposing a patchwork of different national regulations on the global Internet.


Dustin Loup

Co-Chair, IGF-USA

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Dustin Loup has served as the Co-Chair of the IGF-USA since 2018. He is also the Executive Director of ISOC-DC, where he leads the chapter is a wide range of programs, including facilitating Internet policy dialogues and supporting connectivity efforts across the country. In addition to these roles, Dustin serves as the Chair of the usTLD Stakeholder Council, Vice President and Treasurer of DiploUS and as a board member of ICANNWiki, where he previously worked for 4 years.

Melinda Clem

Co-Chair, IGF-USA

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Melinda Clem is an experienced leader in the internet infrastructure and technology markets. She covers disciplines of corporate development, strategy and marketing where her work includes creating and executing growth strategies in competitive markets, evaluating policy impacts on income statements, cybersecurity business risk assessments, and product launches. Melinda holds a degree in Philosophy from American University and an MBA from George Washington University.