new.igfThe success of the multistakeholder model is the best method to ensure the growth of the internet while protecting its openness and innovation. This model is the organizational framework in which diverse stakeholders across the globe are able to participate in internet governance discussions and policy making. Earlier this month, the US National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA) released an assessment report on the IANA stewardship transition proposals and placed its support behind ICANN and the transition.

The transition signals a strong step towards the multistakeholder model of internet governance that is key to ensure inclusiveness and transparency in the development of internet policies and norms. Recently, civil society groups released a statement of support for the IANA transition. They assert that the participation of a diverse international multistakeholder community in ICANN is in the interest of openness and stability of the Domain Name System. The transition of IANA functions from ICANN’s domain to the global internet community is considered to be the largest multistakeholder process ever undertaken. The completion of this process will display the strength of the model relying on an independent global body to secure the future of the internet.

The IANA transition demonstrates the global intent towards a multistakeholder model of internet governance.

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