IGF-USA 2021 Session

The Road to IoT Security: Industry and Government Working Together

Thursday, July 15

12:15 – 1:15 PM EDT

Across the globe, governments are exploring policy and technical approaches to securing the Internet of Things (IoT). Learn how a coalition of industry groups is working with NIST and other government partners to improve results and raise expectations for security in IoT products and deployment, as well as promote policy harmonization internationally.


Adam Sedgewick

Senior Information Technology Policy Advisor, NIST

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Adam Sedgewick serves as Senior Information Technology Policy Advisor at the National Institute of Standards and Technology, where he has worked since 2012. In this role, Adam advises NIST leadership on cybersecurity, privacy, and related technology issues.

Prior to NIST, Adam was Senior Advisor to the Federal Chief Information Officer Council, developing and assisting in the implementation of governmentwide policy related to technology issues. Adam was Professional Staff Member for the Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs for nine years, handling cybersecurity and federal information technology policy. In 2017, Adam served as Technology Policy Advisor in the Department of Commerce’s Office of Policy in Strategic Planning.

Dr. Amit Elazari

Director, Global Cybersecurity Policy, Intel

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Dr. Amit Elazari is Director, Global Cybersecurity Policy, Government Affairs at Intel Corp. and a Lecturer at UC Berkeley School of Information Master in Cybersecurity program. She graduated her Doctor of Science of the Law (J.S.D.) from UC Berkeley School of Law. Her work on security and technology law has been published in leading academic journals and popular press, including The New York Times, The Washington Post and Wall Street Journal and presented in top conferences including RSA, BlackHat, USENIX Enigma, USENIX Security and more. Elazari holds three prior degrees, summa cum laude (LL.B., LL.M. in the Law and a B.A. in Business) from IDC, Israel. Her work was awarded among others a USENIX Security Distinguished Paper Award, Annual Privacy Papers for Policymakers (PPPM) Award Academic Paper Honorable Mention, Casper Bowden PET award for Outstanding Research in Privacy Enhancing Technologies, University of California, Berkeley School of Information Distinguished Faculty Award. She is currently one of the co-editors of ISO/IEC 27402 at JTC1, SC27 (in draft, IoT Security Baseline Requirements).

Michael Bergman

Vice President of Technology and Standards, CTA

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Mike Bergman is vice president of technology and standards at the Consumer Technology Association, where he leads association work on cybersecurity and internet standards. Mike has been in the electronics industry for more than 30 years, in memory chip design, wireless communications and digital multimedia. Mike has two patents in semiconductor design and has contributed to standards such as ATSC, DVB, NRSC and USB. He is the host and editor of the C2 Consensus on IoT Device Baseline Security.

Paul Eisler

Senior Director, Cybersecurity, USTelecom

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Paul Eisler is the Senior Director of Cybersecurity at USTelecom. An attorney with more than a decade of experience in cyber policy, he serves on the Secretariat of the Council to Secure the Digital Economy (CSDE), a partnership of 13 global ICT companies that publish influential security guidance, and he co-chairs the Cybersecurity Committee of the Communications Sector Coordinating Council (CSCC), which facilitates public-private cyber initiatives across the U.S. government.

Since CSDE’s founding, Paul has been the principal editor of the CSDE International Botnet and IoT Security Guide, published annually, and he led the effort to develop the CSDE IoT Security Policy Principles, endorsed by 27 major ICT organizations. His research on IoT practices laid the groundwork for the C2 Consensus on IoT Device Security Baseline Capabilities, endorsed by 20 major ICT organizations including standards bodies.

Paul is also the principal editor of the CSDE report Cyber Crisis: Foundations of Multi- Stakeholder Coordination, which aims to improve incident response capabilities in 12 high- stakes scenarios involving national security and public safety. In addition, Paul provides legal and strategic guidance to the Communications Sector Co-Chair of the DHS ICT Supply Chain Risk Management Task Force under the National Risk Management Center.

Prior to joining USTelecom, Paul worked as a legal consultant to support trade associations and businesses in the communications and IT sectors. He received his law degree with honors from American University Washington College of Law, where he served on the American University Law Review and, at age 20, was distinguished as the law school’s youngest J.D. candidate. He also worked for his alma mater as a Legal Research Fellow, concentrating on economic policies of the European Union.


Shane Tews

President, Logan Circle Strategies

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Shane Tews is a visiting fellow at the American Enterprise Institute managing the Global Internet Strategy program that focuses on cyber security and Internet governance as part of AEI’s Center for Internet, Communications, and Technology Policy. Along with her work at AEI Shane in the President of Logan Circle Strategies working with her clients to create a coordinated public policy approach to Information Communications and Technology policies and cyber security and cyber governance strategies on a global scale. Additionally, Shane manages many of the relationships with Congress, the Administration, Foreign Governments, Think Tanks and Trade Associations on behalf of Vrge Communications. Shane was formerly Vice President of Global Public Policy and Government Relations for Verisign, Inc. where she was responsible for the strategic planning and daily management of the Policy and Government Relations efforts for Verisign globally. Shane represented Verisign’s interest before United States and International government officials in the Information Communications and Technology Sector where she participated in the development of e-commerce policies with International governing bodies, National and State Legislators, International, National and Regional trade associations and Information Technology coalitions. Shane is Vice-Chair of the Board of Directors for the Internet Education Foundation and previously served as the co-Chair of the Internet Governance Forum USA (IGF-USA). She is also currently a board member of TechFreedom and GlobalWIN. She formerly sat on several Information Technology Boards including the European American Business Council, the Information Technology Industry Council, the Information Technology Industry Foundation, and the United States Telecommunications Training Institute.