Youth for youth – How to stay involved

Wednesday, July 20

3:30 – 4:30 PM EDT

Internet Governance (IG) is a multi-stakeholder ecosystem, and youth/young professionals play a special role as they represent the generation born with the Internet and technologies. That said, it is crucial to have more young people at the decision-making table and make young voices be heard.

This session features 3 representatives of youth/young professional communities working in IG and/or tech law and policy in the US and globally. The speakers will share their journey into IG/tech law and policy space, and tips on how to get involved further.

Ellen Magallanes

Secretary, Internet Law & Policy Foundry

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Ellen Magallanes is the Secretary of the Internet Law & Policy Foundry, a dual-qualified US-Australian attorney, and Senior Counsel at the Wikimedia Foundation. Privacy law, like all the best rabbit holes, was something she fell into and never looked back. Now she furthers her interest in privacy with tech law advocacy in both of her homes: Australia and the US. She is currently based in the San Francisco Bay Area.

João Moreno Falcão

Vicechair, ISOC Youth Standing Group

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João Moreno Falcão works as a pentester (cybersecurity specialist focused on invading systems), while pursuing his bachelor's in Electrical Engineering. He entered in the IG ecosystem in 2017 and never stopped participating, by mentoring ISOC IGF Youth Ambassadors in 2020 and 2021, facilitating in the ITU Generation Connect Americas, attending 4 IGFs and helping to develop the web structure for 2 Youth LACIGFs. Currently, João serves as Vicechair of the ISOC Youth Standing Group (Youth SG), the special interest group for young people of the Internet Society which counts more than 1500 members globally.

Nicolas Fiumarelli

Software and Networks Engineer, LACNIC

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Nicolas Fiumarelli is a Computer and Networks Engineer from the University of the Republic of Uruguay, currently studying Computer Sciences at the same institution. Nicolas is an ISOC Uruguay Chapter member since 2014 and is the co-founder of Youth IGF Uruguay, a non-profit organization that started its activities in Uruguay in 2016, whose goal is to build capacities and promote training to young people on issues related to Internet governance. He is an activist on several topics, including emerging issues such as quantum communications and IoT, in particular, He considers himself an evangelist of IPv6 deployment and security/privacy awareness.


Jeremy Bernick

2022 Quantum Society Fellow, NSF's Center for Quantum Networks

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Jeremy Bernick (they/them) is an incoming first-year law student (Juris Doctorate) at the University of Arizona, School of Law. They are a current Quantum Society Fellow at the National Science Foundation’s Center for Quantum Networks, a current ICANN 75 Fellow, and a member of the ARIN Fellowship Selection Committee. Jeremy is also a former Internet Society Global Youth Ambassador, ARIN 48 Fellow, and Executive Director of Hack Arizona, one of the largest international collegiate hackathons in the U.S. at the time. They are a public interest-minded legal technologist interested in the study, implementation, and quality of public goods, services, and rights in our digital age.